One of the most popular sections of our asian fusion menu is Hong Kongese food, which includes influences from Chinese Food, especially Cantonese. Hong Kong with its history as a trading port of the British Empire and Orient has long been a melting pot of many different cultures and styles of cooking. Hong Kong has often been described as a ‘World’s Fair of Food’ because of the many oriental and western styles prevalent in its many restaurants.

Hong Kong has the third most dense population globally with a population of around 7 million people and rapidly growing.  Approximately 94% of the population is ethnic Cantonese, which is the style of cooking that has the most influence over the culinary scene. The most prevalent ingredient in cooking is rice, with a much wider use of independent grocers and family-run small shops (compared to the large supermarkets more common in Western countries).

Lack of space tends to mean much smaller kitchens and cooking spaces – so cooking revolves around lots of freshly bought ingredients, which we have tried to replicate in our use of the freshest ingredients in our restaurant’s kitchens.

The principle style of cuisine, especially in the first half of the 20th Century, was that of the important trading port of Canton which lent its name to Cantonese food. This style of cooking uses meat as well as a number of key spices including garlic and chilli and can be seen best put to use in our signature Honey Chilli Chicken (pictured above). Haven’t tried it yet? Maybe it’s time to get yourself down!

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